Best Mattress For Each Sleeping Position?

Best mattress for each sleeping position?

Finding a mattress that is comfortable and meets all your sleeping needs is very important. It’s essential to examine your mattress to see whether it will provide you with the correct support whilst you are sleeping. Although, many people change their sleeping position throughout the night, there are three main sleeping positions that people opt for and these are side, back, front.

How mattresses affect you sleeping position:

Purchasing the right mattress is extremely important because if you have a mattress that doesn’t fit your sleeping position can give you a lot more problems than you would expect. The wrong mattress can result in lower back, hip, or shoulder pain, this is because of pressure points. Each sleeping position will affect a different pressure point in the body, consequently, the best mattress for you is the mattress that gives you both relaxation and support. 

There are two key factors that you need to keep in consideration, and these are, what the mattress is made from and the firmness of the mattress. 

The best mattress for side sleepers:

The best mattress for a side sleeper is the pocket sprung mattress, they come with a thick comfort layer on top. The thicker the comfort layer on the mattress the more beneficial it is this is because it will fit the shape of your body, which will allow a better night’s sleep. The pocket sprung mattress is known as a hybrid mattress, hybrid mattresses are popular for reducing pressure on your hips and shoulders. They aid in stopping problems that are known to be linked with side sleeping such as strain on the lower back.  

The best mattress or back sleepers:

The best mattress for back sleepers is the pocket sprung, open coil or another option is an orthopaedic mattress. These types of mattress offer ideal support for spine alignment. If you are a back sleeper, you will need a mattress that provides additional support for the densest part of the body, which is generally your midriff.  

The pocket sprung mattress is a good option for a back sleeper because it provides exceptional support this is because most of these mattresses are zoned. This means that you will receive better support for the heaviest parts of your body whilst getting enough support for everywhere else too.  

The open coil mattress is another alternative for back sleepers as they evenly disperse your weight across the bed, which allows the ultimate support and pressure alleviation. 

An orthopaedic mattress is specifically designed for expert back care which perfect for back sleepers. This mattress can diminish the stress on your spine, which will correctly develop   your posture and stop you from feeling rigid and uncomfortable in the morning.

Best mattress for sleeping on your front

The ideal mattress for front or stomach sleepers is a pocket sprung mattress. The pocket sprung mattresses help to align your mattress and evenly disperse your body weight and relieve your pressure points.  

Many people finding sleeping on their stomach the most comfortable, even though it can cause neck and back pain. The correct mattress can stop this and to achieve the best possible nights sleep your mattress should guarantee spine alignment, offer excellent pressure relief, and balance out the comfort with support.

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