Which Mattress Is Best? Top 6 Mattress Types

Which Mattress Is Best? Top 6 Mattress Types 

Which Mattress Should I Buy?  

Deciding on your mattress can sometimes feel like a hard choice, especially when you want quality sleep, and you do not know what to choose. So, let us help make things easier for you.  

To find the right mattress, you must first know what requirements you want it to meet and go from there. Listed below are the Top 6 Mattress Types in the UK and their qualities, keep reading and see which one ticks your boxes  


1. Hybrid Mattress

    If you are looking for an option that encapsulates all the desires you want, then this one may be for you. Hybrids provide an elevated level of bounce, support, comfort, and temperature control – perfect for deep and heavy sleepers. Ratings from customers about this product are exceedingly high. This is quickly becoming the most popular mattress type.  

    You can choose from a variety of combinations to best fit and suit your preference such as:  


    Innerspring Latex Hybrid  

    While suppling bounce and extra support, Innerspring Latex Hybrids provide impressive pressure point relief and durability. The price range is lower compared to other options due to the combination of innerspring adding another benefit to this type of choice. 


    Polyfoam Latex Hybrid   

    If you are someone who likes to sleep on their side for extended periods of the night, this type of hybrid is right for you as the combination will relieve any pressure put on your hips and shoulders leaving your sleep and the next day pain-free.  

    Be sure to keep in mind when choosing this type of hybrid that the Talalay (Latex) is better than the Dunlop (Latex) due to the breathability, temperature control and durability. 

    Innerspring Memory Foam Hybrid  

    This hybrid offers support to the entire body and even presents several more benefits to specific places that require more attention. This is down to 2 materials that supply various kinds of support. On top of that, they are affordable, more affordable than standard memory foam and they fit all sleeping styles – EVERYONE!  


    Our Hybrids 


      We sell a wide variety of high-quality hybrids that supply all that is listed above and more for unbelievable prices. Here are some of what we can offer you at FurnitureFul:   
    • Our hybrids are extremely breathable - 

      No more overly sweaty suffocating sleeps that result in you having an intermittent sleeping pattern. Our breathable hybrids allow the 90 minutes sleep cycle myth to become your reality. The coils in hybrids allow it to breathe. No more sweat puddles!  

    • Hypoallergenic Features That are Safe for children - 

      We use hypoallergenic materials to ensure that you can sleep with ease. This means you have less risk of developing mould and bacteria in your mattress. You can sleep knowing your children and babies are sleeping safely on our hybrids.  

    • Want a bigger bed for yourself? Tired of curling up on one side of the bed? Look at this… - 

      Our hybrids are more durable than the standard spring or memory foam. We supply a range of hybrid sizes from Single to King, we have sizes for your needs.  

    Fun Fact: All our hybrids match the sizes of our ottoman beds!  


     2. Organic Mattress

      To combat global warming and global wastage, organic mattresses were created using eco-friendly materials such as latex from rubber trees, hemp, bamboo, support springs, cotton and more. Due to this process, they are toxin and chemical-free and are a successful way to contribute to lessening the carbon footprint.  

      In terms of costs, they are on the higher end of the scale due to their eco-friendly nature and, according to some, they are manufactured to a higher standard and therefore can cost more.  

      When picking this mattress, it is important to consider the materials involved in its construction, as this contributes to the level of comfort and support you will receive from choosing this type.  


        3. Gel/Cooling Mattress

        Gel/cooling mattresses were designed to combat a frequent problem that memory foam makes; they do not retain the heat from your body allowing you to keep cool whilst sleeping. Coupled with the gel is a foam layer to keep your heat regulated and at a cool temperature whilst adding a soft and cushiony feeling.  

        If you feel as though you want to try out a gel/cooling mattress, then the recommended type is the SomniGel as it gives the sensation and illusion that you are floating in the air. This is due to its ability to retain its shape whilst you sleep, unlike memory foam.  

        You are also able to buy a hybrid variation of this type and it will give you the medium firmness and the comfort that you need to still feel as though you are on a cloud above.  


         4. Memory Foam

        Invented by NASA in 1966, memory foam was originally designed for the improvement of safety cushions in aircraft with soft energy-absorbing materials. It took until 1991 for memory to become a more affordable common product, now we use it for shoes, kitchen appliances, safety helmets, mattresses and more.  

        The popularity of memory foam is increasing, and it is predicted that the speed of its popularity will not be slowing down any time soon. So, why is it so popular? Well, memory foam provides a soft and comfortable sleeping experience with a mattress that frames your body shape and returns to its original state once you get up. So, you can sleep on any part of the mattress and experience the same thing. It responds to the heat and pressure from your body and evenly distributes the weight on the bed to enhance comfort.  



        They aid in pain prevention   The quality varies depending on where you buy them from, which leads to sagging and indentations. 
        They apply for pressure point relief   The heat retention levels are higher 
        The motion transfer is extremely low, works well for couples and those with pets  Due to less edge support, there is a smaller percentage of you using the full surface area of the mattress effectively. 
        They stimulate healthy spinal alignment   
        They can fit in various adjustable beds and frames due to their versatility    
        They reduce the chances of getting allergens and dust mites    
        They are exceptionally durable 




          5. Firm Mattress

        There 2 types of Firm Mattresses that we will be exploring today, Innerspring and Pocket Mattresses. This is to give you a broader scope on what options you have, their qualities and characteristics.  



        Innerspring mattresses have been around since the early 1900s and are currently the most popular type, however, this does seem to be changing. They have numerous steel coils within their structure, the number of coils varies with different mattress brands. The general rule is the more coils it has, the better the quality and support. Innersprings consists of a range of styles such as Bonnell Coils, Continuous Coils and Offset Coils.  
        To breakdown it further, let us look at the types of innerspring listed above: 


        We will start with, Offset Coils  –  

        Also known as Karr Coils, Offset Coils are quite sturdy. Compared to Bonnell coils, they make less noise due to their higher quality. They, along with a type called pocket spring, are the most comfortable type of innerspring. Much like the structure of the Bonnell coils, have an hourglass form, however, they also have flattened edges at the top and bottom of the springs, granting more flexibility. This allows them to better outline your body. They attach to the coil next to them, which adds further to its flexibility and comfort. They are more durable, supportive, and quiet than the other innerspring listed.  

        Price –Mid/High-level affordable price range 


        Continuous Coils – 

        Unlike the Bonnell Coils, continuous coils have a long coil wire that forms its whole support structure. The wire is “s” shaped, and the mattress type itself is more durable due to its one wire structure.  

        Price – Affordable price range  


        Bonnell Coils – 

        These coils can be dated back to the 1800s is the first coil type was invented, they are quite common, so you have come across one before. They have coils shaped in an hourglass structure running through the mattress much like a helix formation. Though they are common, unfortunately, they wear and squeak quite quickly and noticeably.  

        Price – Mid-level affordable price range   


         Pros:   Cons: 
        They are usually affordably priced  They tend to one side, so they cannot be flipped. The overall customer satisfaction rates are quite low 
        They vary in levels of firmness  They wear quite quickly, leaving you with lumpy spring poking you in your sleep. This can cause you pain in the back, hip, and neck, and will also result in poor sleep quality. For more on which mattress is best to avoid injury, read our blog Mattress vs Back Pain – Why Mattresses Cause Back Pain 
        You can find them in convenient locations   Over time they will begin to squeak as you move on it, which will also disturb your sleep and other activities. 
        They tend not to weigh much and can be moved easily.   
        They have a large amount of bounce which some people may favour 



        Pocket Mattress 

        Though they are like the traditional coil, they have differences such as the coils being wrapped and pocketed, putting them in a completely different category altogether. Two main differences set them apart from the traditional coil; the first being the previously mentioned separate pocketed coils, and the other being coils themselves are not wired together as well-meaning the work independent of each other. The separated coils not only give pocketed coil the advantage of being more supportive and stronger but on top of that is less noisy due to motion isolation, resulting in muted motion – perfect for those who make more noise.  

        With all, the fundamental question is, will this mattress work for you?  

        Consider the following:   

        • They have a great bounce and would work well for people who prefer that quality.  

        • When lying down, they do not sink.  

        • For those of you who are looking for edge support, these mattresses excel in that department as the coils are stronger than some other options.  


        6. Latex Mattress

          These up-and-coming beds are rising in popularity because of their likeness to memory foam beds, their high durability, and low prices. Latex mattresses are made from a natural material that is harvested from rubber trees. Though they are made both organically made, some are made synthetically – so be sure to know which one you are getting. Due to their material and make-up, when you apply pressure to them, they do not sink as much, they are bouncier, and they do not retain as much heat as memory foam. 

          You can get 2 types of latex mattresses and it's important you know the difference between the two if you want to get the best mattress for you. These are the same types that were mentioned previously, here is all you need to know about them:  


          Talalay Latex 

          – This process is the longer one out of the two, it involves thick sap from the rubber tree that is to be whipped and poured out into a mould. Before the mould is baked and set in place, a vacuum is used to suck all the air out creating holes in the mould. This process means there will be more breathability and airflow leaving the sleeper cooler. It is then frozen to lock in the shape.  


          Dunlop Latex 

          – Thick sap is extracted from the rubber tree, whipped, and poured into a mould. That mould is then baked into its final shape. The results are a softer top and firmer bottom for the mattress.  


           Pros:   Cons: 
          They do not exude off-gassing periods and bad smells   Because they are heavy, they are hard to move 
          They are natural and do not use chemicals  They are more expensive than other options  
          The quality of the mattress is high   
          Rotation and flipping are not required   



          All this information has brought us to our final question...  



          Which Mattress Is Best for Me?  

          From the information listed above, we would recommend the Hybrid mattress because of its versatility, durability and its reputation with consumers being higher than others on the list. With, it is also good to know where you can buy this product at high quality for a reasonable price. Never fear, FurnitureFul is here!  

          That is right, we have a wide range of Hybrid Mattresses available for you to choose from that will be delivered right to your doorstep. Not only is the quality of our products superior, but our prices are unmatched with anywhere else. Shop us today at FurnitureFul 

          Interested in what people think of our products, do not just take our word for it, see what consumers are reviewing and rating.  

          We hope you have found this blog helpful and have a better understanding of what mattress type best suits you. Thank you for reading Which Mattress Is Best? Top 6 Mattress Types 

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