Can Sleep Help Boost Your Immune System?

Can Sleep Help Boost your Immune System?

How does sleep affect our immune system? Well, sleep provides the necessary support to our immune systems and we should be ensuring that we are getting a sufficient amount of high-quality sleep. Studies indicate that sleep plays a crucial component in the robustness of our immune system, for this reason, we will be looking into how sleep can boost your immune system.


Alarm clock to sleep regularly  

Regular sleep routine

Whether you are required to go to work or work from home, it is important to make sure you are sticking to your regular sleeping schedule. If you are working from home, you may be tempted to stay up a little longer than usual however this will cause disruption in your internal body clock. Regular sleeping and waking up times will ensure you are getting sufficient hours of sleep.


Strengthen your circadian rhythm

carrying out certain tasks can regulate your body clock into a routine. For instance, exercising earlier in the day followed by a shower can promote wakefulness, whereas reading a book or having a bath will relax your body before getting into bed.


Take naps if you need to

If you have not had a decent night's sleep or have a lot going on, then this will cause a disturbance in your circadian rhythm. It would be advised that you take a nap through the day to top your body with the necessary period of rest that it demands.


Use your outdoor time wisely

Ensuring you are getting enough fresh air and sun is a necessity for your body to regulate sleep. Given the current circumstances, it is permissible for one to go out for a walk or exercise with the requirement of keeping a 2-metre distance from others.

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