Why Does a New Mattress Need to Be Broken In?

Why Does a New Mattress Need to Be Broken In? 

Why Does a New Mattress Need to Be Broken In


What Does “Breaking In” Mean?  

To “break-in” your mattress means to use it over a specific amount of time to allow it to adapt to the shape and needs of your body. The fabric will take time to soften and the mattress will take time to feel comfortable, which is why we advise that you be patient during this period. Here at FurnitureFul, we appreciate this process is a normal and necessary step to you finding your perfect mattress, which is why we offer you a 60 Night Trial for you to test out the mattress and “break-in” the mattress to best suit you. If you find that after the 60 Nights you still are not able to get comfortable on the mattress, then you are looking for something slightly different to the medium firmness we offer – something softer or firmer.  

The best way to think about it is like if you were to buy new shoes, the material of the shoes maybe a little too stiff and tight at first but over time they begin to stretch and ease. This is the same process your mattress goes through. Just like when you buy new shoes and you want to wear them in, you can be certain of a period in which this will happen. If you are switching to a different mattress type, this period is completely necessary but maybe feel like an inconvenience at the time. 



Which Mattresses Need "Breaking In"? 

All mattresses will need time to adapt to your sleeping style, body and sleeping environment, especially if you are making a drastic change in the type of mattress you are choosing to sleep on. The last thing you need after swapping a bad, old mattress with a new one is for the new one to feel just as uncomfortable, but unfortunately, at least in the short term, that will be the case for many of you. This is because every mattress is different and will offer you different experiences.  
Let’s say you were switching from a memory foam mattress to our hybrid mattress, the transition from a softer memory foam mattress to a firmer hybrid will take some getting used to due to the sensations and textures of the mattresses being different. 
For a better understanding of what we mean, let us dive deeper into some of the mattress types, their qualities and adjustment period. 
Memory Foam – Memory Foam is known for its soft and comfortable design; it often leaves the sleeper feeling as though they are floating on a cloud. If you are used to memory foam, trying another mattress type that has a different firmness will be a struggle to get used to as your body will be expected the same level of comfort from the mattress. If your old mattress was causing you problems, there is a chance that you will struggle to adapt to the makeup of the new mattress you are trying because your body would have formed coping mechanisms to comfort itself. This means it will have to teach itself how to adapt to this new type and become relaxed. 
Transitioning from memory foam to innerspring, for instance, would be a transitioning between complete opposites. Memory foam varies in density which also plays a part in how long it will take to break in the mattress.  
Innerspring – Innerspring mattresses are known for being a firmer option out of the 3 I am going to be talking about today. They have a metal coil system running throughout the whole of the mattress that supports you as you sleep and adds an extra bounce to the quality of the bed. When you transition from these to a softer option like a hybrid of memory foam, you will find it hard to adjust to the change at first simply because of how different they are. Once you have transitioned to a new mattress type, you will begin to feel the difference in settings take hold, however, don’t worry too much as your body will reprogram itself to adapt to it.  
Hybrid - As this mattress is a mixture of the 2 types mentioned above it can be described as a middle ground for what you might be looking for in terms of comfort and firmness, however adapting to this mattress will also take time. You will need to understand that this mattress may have a soft and medium firmness, but it is not going to be a completely smooth transition straight away.  
Change isn’t always a bad thing, especially not in this case. Once the “breaking in” period is complete, you will have such a perfect sleeping environment that you won’t even remember it being bad at all.  

How Long Will It Take to “Break-In”? 

There are many different mattress types with; different levels of thickness and firmness, various qualities and characteristics, and more that makes it impossible to be able to give a one-time frame for all of them. But if we were to break it down into rough categories: 
Memory foam takes around 60 days for you to adjust to, this is because of its thick density. Be sure to research the density of the memory foam mattress you are purchasing before you get it to understand the time frame. Thicker memory foam could take longer. 
Innerspring doesn’t take as long as memory foam to adjust to as there are springs located all around the mattress that is also cushioned with soft fabric. This design makes it easier for you to break down the stiffness of the mattress, but be careful not to wear the mattress down, as it is easy to do due to the nature of the mattress. To avoid this from happening, you should rotate the mattress every 3 months to evenly distribute the weight.  
Finally, the time frame for the hybrid mattress depends on where you get the mattress from. For example, we at FurnitureFul give our customers 60 nights as part of our 60-night trial for them to test and adjust to the mattress and really see if they love it. We offer 60 nights for our mattresses because of the high quality and density of the memory foam in the hybrids, this thick and high-quality layer slows down the process of adjusting for the customer, but once the process is complete, you won’t want to let go of your mattress. 

Can I Speed Up the Process? 

The process of getting your mattress to adhere to your wants and needs is mentally draining, especially when all you want is to have a great night's sleep and enjoy your new purchase. But is there something you could do to speed it up and make the bed accommodate you quicker? Below are our top tips to get this to happen.  

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