Can a Bed Frame Cause Back Pains?

Can a bed frame cause back pains?

Bed frames are there to support your back, spine and joints, it allows you to have a firm and secure structure so your mattress can lay on top smoothly without disturbing your comfort. If you are having trouble with your back and you cannot figure out why, you should look into both, the type of bed frame and mattress you have.

Metal bed frames: 

Metal bed frames can be quite flimsy, and they are not the best with weight support. If your bed frame isn’t doing its job, then it could be the cause of any back pain you may be experiencing, although it may not be the only source it can be one of them. Metal bed frames aren’t as secure as wooden bed frames and they aren’t as reliable. 

Wooden bed frames: 

Wooden bed frames are the most common manufactured and purchased type of bed frame, they are safe and secure, and they are durable and reliable. They offer great assurance and they last a long time, although a wooden surface can be quite harsh so eventually, it can have an effect on your body, make sure to buy a bed frame that you find comfortable.

Some of the signs that your bed frame is causing back pain are:

  • Body pains after waking up 
  • Tossing and turning all night 
  • The mattress is too soft 
  • The mattress is too hard 
  • You have an old mattress
  • You just brought a new mattress that you have to break-in

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