Can A Bed Frame Collapse?

Can a bed frame collapse?

Beds can last years without having their bed frame collapse. If a bed frame isn’t put together properly then yes your bed frame can collapse, it can also collapse if the bed frame gets old and rust.

Type of bed frames: 

The type of bed frame you buy can also affect whether your bed frame will collapse or not. Metal bed frames tend to last longer and are less likely to collapse as they have a longer shelf-life compared to wooden bed frames. 

Ways to fix a collapsed bed frame:

If your bed frame is beyond repair You can buy a new bed frame, sometimes Turing to fix a bed frame can do more harm than good. You should want to feel safe and secure when laying on a bed.

You can try to fix your broken bed frame by adding more screws to secure the bed frame, reconnecting the joints, adding more bed slats and replacing the centre beam. This should help make the bed feel more secure and prevent the frame from collapsing. 

Ways bed frames can collapse: 

  • Using the wrong sized frames 
  • Putting too much weight on your bed frames 
  • The slats could be broken
  • Assembling the bed frame wrong

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