Can A Four-Poster Bed Fit In A Small Bedroom?

Can a four-poster bed fit in a small bedroom?

Four-poster beds are known to be larger beds because of their design. To know whether a four-poster bed would fit in your bedroom you will need to know the dimensions of the bed as well as the dimensions of your bedroom. This is because this will show you what size four-poster bed will fit in your bedroom.

What are the dimensions of a four-poster bed?

Four-poster beds are available in single, double and king. The dimensions of the single four-poster bed are 90cm x 190cm and the double four-poster bed are 135cm x 190xm and the king four-poster bed dimensions are 150cm x 200cm. These four-poster bed dimensions are for the four-poster beds that are available in the UK, if you are purchasing four-poster beds in the EU then the dimensions will be slightly different.

The dimensions for the four-poster beds in the EU are different from the dimensions in the UK. The dimension for the single four-poster bed is 90cm x 200cm and the double four-poster bed dimensions are 140cm x 200cm and the king size dimension is 160x 200cm.

How to determine which four-poster bed will fit in your bedroom:

When purchasing a four-poster bed you will first need to measure your bedroom to see how large it is so you then can determine which size bed will fit in your bedroom. When you are purchasing your four-poster bed you will need to look at the dimensions of the bed to see if it will fit in your bedroom. But you should also bear in mind the space all the other furniture in your bedroom will take up as well as how much space your bed will take up and how much floor space you will have left at the end.

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