Can A Hybrid Mattress Go On A Box Spring?

Can a hybrid mattress go on a box spring?

Box spring are a wooden box, that is usually consisted of coils or springs, to support a mattress. Box springs are traditionally used for innerspring mattresses, as these springs and slats function as shock absorbers which means they don’t spring back excessively, but comfortably in their natural position. So, as they function as shock absorbers, they reduce motion transfer, so you feel less movement through the mattress when moving. A box spring does the following:

  • Support your mattress
  • Add height to the mattress
  • Reduce motion transfer
  • Distribute weight evenly
  • Can prevent sagging
  • Add comfort, as it contains coils and supportive layers.

However traditionally box spring were great in absorbing pressure as of the 2 layers of coils that bounce off each other.

Today, box springs don’t always come in coils and intended to provide support. They usually are made of wood or metal, to mainly increase the height of a mattress.

Do hybrid mattresses need box spring?

Hybrid mattresses generally shouldn’t be used on box spring unless the manufacturer has said otherwise.

Hybrid mattress are soft and shouldn’t rest on box springs as they don’t have a solid surface.  This means that the hybrid mattress won’t be properly supported as it is not a good foundation for them to lay on top of. Having a good mattress foundation is important for a better sleep and the longevity of the mattress itself- so a box spring may not be ideal.

As well as this, because hybrid mattresses are already comfortable and have shock-absorbent qualitied already within the mattress, the box spring isn’t needed. A box spring could also raise your bed too high, making it feel like you have to climb to get up their!

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