Can A King Size Bed Fit Through A Doorway?

Can a king size bed fit through a doorway?

A king size bed can fit through a doorway, depending on how big the doorway is. Sometimes a king size bed comes in a box and needs to be opened and left out to gain its shape, so be sure to open the box in the room it is going to stay in.

How big is a king size bed?

A standard king bed dimensions are 76’ inches x 80’ inches, which is perfect for those who love their space, it is perfect for those who need and want leg space. Although a king size bed isn't going to fit in all rooms, so be aware of the size of your bedroom before purchasing.

Benefits of a king size bed?

Some of the benefits of a king-sized bed are that it is very spacious, perfect for families who share a bed, or even single people who love their space and move around while they sleep. It can also improve blood flow throughout your body and add extra storage space.

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