Can An IKEA Bed Frame Fit In A Car

Can an IKEA bed frame fit in a car?

Ikea is a home and furniture shop where many people choose to purchase their bed frames from there as it is very good quality. 

Ikea delivery 

Ikea delivery can be very expensive and you might not be in a financial predicament after purchasing a bed frame. The delivery is costly if you are just trying to ship the bed frame purchase, the weight and distance from the warehouse to your address will also have a big impact. 

Will the bed frame fit in my car 

You will likely be able to fit the bed frame into your car as it comes in a box, however saying that, it also depends on the size of the bed frame and the size of the car. I would recommend taking measurements before purchasing as it would make it a lot easier. 

How do I fit the bed frame in my car? 

To try to get the bed to your house in one go depending on the size of your car try to clear out your car and put the bed frame box in the car. 

How does Ikea make the bed fit in my car?

Ikea products such as beds come in pieces and often come in multiple boxes because of this it can make it easier putting it in your car. 

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