Can Bed Bugs Live In Carpet?

Can bed bugs live in carpet?

Yes, bed bugs can live in your carpet. Bed bugs in carpets are signs of a bed bug infestation that has gone severe in your home. 

Vacuum the carpet 

The first step in clearing bed bugs from the carpet is to vacuum up as many of the pests as you can. Know that vacuuming alone is not going to get rid of the bed bugs, but it is a good first start that will leave less mess from dead insects when you move on to steaming. 

Steam Cleaning The Carpet 

Steam cleaning your carpet with a steam cleaner is the cheapest way to kill bed bugs in your home if you are not in a financial place to spend a lot of money. 

Will Bed Bugs Travel Across A Carpet To Feed? 

Bed bugs are not the best when it comes to getting around as an insect. They can’t fly or jump, so they are stuck crawling. However, they will travel across your carpet to feed. A thick carpet may slow them down, but if that is where they are living, it is because they have access to a meal from there.

Use heat treatment 

If you don’t seem to be getting anywhere with vacuuming or steam you can try a whole room heat treatment. Heat is a known way to kill bed bugs, and doing this will get rid of bed bugs in the carpets. The main problem with this treatment method is that it is expensive, and you will likely need to have it done more than once for it to have worked. where as if you don't have the money to get professionals to do it you can buy special heaters that are specially designed to kill bed bugs.

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