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    April 04, 2022 2 min read

    Can bed bugs live in your hair?

    Bed bugs are tiny creatures that feed on blood generally during the nigh time hours. The bed bite bug even though it is not dangerous can create many health affects including skin rashes, psychological effects, and allergies. Bed bug bites can cause skin changes such as redness and blisters. 

    Can bed bugs live in your hair?

    Bed bugs cannot live in your hair, but they can bite you on your scalp, forehead, cheeks, or neck. The bed bug is not designed for crawling though to human hair, the bed bug favours a colder atmosphere then that of a human because of their body heat. So, if the bed bug hasn’t fed on the skin that is on your head or neck then they aren’t likely to hide in hair on your body.   

    Can bed bugs live on your body?

    Bed bugs are extremely unlikely to live on your body, in your hair or in the clothes that you are wearing. It is more likely for bed bugs to live in the clothes that you aren’t wearing rather than the ones that you are wearing; these are the clothes that are in your bags and luggage. Therefore, it is essential to take quickly act if you think you have stayed or slept or put your things away in a room on your trip that has been infested with bugs. 

    If you have travelled and believe that you have stayed in a room or went on the bus or train that was swarmed with bed bugs, then it is extremely important to wash your clothes thoroughly as soon as possible. You should do this with the hottest water you can and then dry the clothes on the hottest setting. High temperatures and steam kill bed bugs, so the steps mentioned should help elevate the bed bug troubles. You should then use a light to examine your shoes, bags, or any other belongings, as well as focusing on small areas such as fold and corners.  I would suggest for you to also throw away your suitcase and buy a new one just as a precaution.

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