Can Bedroom Furniture Be Painted?

Can bedroom furniture be painted?

Yes, bedroom furniture such as desktops, chest drawers and bedside tables can be painted, even wooden bed frames can be painted, but it can be tedious and harder to maintain. You need to be careful when using chemicals to clean and you need to be aware of the type of paint you use, you should decide if you want a glossy finish or a matt finish, there are many things you should take into consideration.

Alternatives to painting bedroom furniture:

Alternatives to painting your bedroom furniture are to add a film on top of the original furniture, they come in different colours and designs, which allows you to add character to your furniture. It is also easy to apply and you won't need to leave time for the furniture to dry out.

Where to paint bedroom furniture?

You can paint your bedroom furniture in your bedroom, however, the smell of paint may be very strong and there may be a mess, so I suggest you put a layer of protection for example a plastic sheet before you start to paint, you can also take the furniture, for example, a bedside table out in your garden and paint it there and leave it to dry, it may even dry faster, or you can take it into a bigger room so you have more space.

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