Can I Purchase A Bed Frame Without A Footboard?

Can I purchase a bed frame without a footboard?

A bed frame without a headboard is known as a simple bed frame as it is very basic. It has legs to keep up the support beams and it does not have a headboard or a food board, you will need to purchase these separately, so you can purchase the headboard and not the footboard.  You may need a box spring.  

What is a footboard? 

People typically see a footboard as being a part of a bed frame but it isn’t a requirement. Footboards are generally seen as an attractive feature added to the bed. Footboards can become frustrating if you’re a taller individual as your feet will get crammed against the footboard, which wouldn’t happen if there was no footboard as you would be able to hang your feet off the end of the bed and be more comfortable.  Also getting a bed frame without a footboard will be ideal if you have a smaller bedroom, as footboards can make the room feel smaller as there won’t be as much available space. 

Are footboards still in style?

Every person will have a different answer to this question as it just comes down to your own style and preference. If you were to purchase a simple minimalist footboard then it wouldn’t look old and dated rather it would look timeless and classic. Many people do opt for a footboard at the end of their bed this is because it makes the bed look like it's finished rather than left uncomplete. 

Advantages and disadvantages of a footboard:


  • Footboards do not go out of fashion as it is all based on your personal preference 
  • Footboards help to keep covers and blankets in place, so they don’t slip around 
  • Stops the mattress from slipping 
  • Give you a place to display items such as decorative throws or scarves 
  • Disadvantages-

  • Banging your knees and feet when trying to straighten your legs 
  • Uncomfortable if you are a taller individual 
  • If your headboard and footboard are taller it can hide your duvet cover something you may want to have on display

  • It is also possible to use your footboard as a headboard as the majority of bed frames include a headboard bracket even if they don’t come with a headboard itself. So, if you have an extra footboard laying around you can totally use it as a headboard. 

    So, should I buy a footboard or am I just fine without it?

    The answer to this is entirely up to you, as footboards aren’t a necessity this is because they do not affect the structure of the bed, they only improve the appearance of it and the bedroom. However, footboards are timeless and classic, and they will never go out of style. Some footboards may even be used as shelving for items such as books and plants.

    Alternatively, you may not want a footboard due to the fact you are a taller individual and don’t want to be uncomfortable whilst you are sleeping. Also, you may not want one if your bedroom is on the smaller side as footboards can take up extra space.

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