Can Mattress Cause Hip Pain?

Can mattress cause hip pain?

Just to get straight to the point yes, a mattress can cause hip pain. Although it is not as common when being compared to back or neck pain, hip pain can still be caused by a bad mattress that does not suit the needs of the person sleeping on the mattress. For example, if a person has arthritis they may prefer or require a memory foam mattress because their joints in the body cannot handle a firm mattress, they are not able to relax their muscles and body also potentially straining their body.

Causes for hip pain due to mattresses:

  • Sagging in the mattress will cause bad body posture because the middle of the mattress is no longer flat anymore.
  • Indents cause more pressure on your joints. This is because the surface is no longer evened out properly. 
  • A mattress is too firm will stop your body from sinking into the mattress preventing a natural sleeping position while you sleep. 
  • A mattress that is too soft will just let your body sink too deep into the mattress and put your body out of position. 
  • A broken support core is a major sign that your mattress is old and damaged and is causing your body more harm than good. This usually happens when your mattress is 5 to 7 years old. 

Hip pain mattress solution:

A solution for hip pain is to get a good quality mattress that is not to firm and not to soft to get the right amount of support and comfort so your hips do not hurt after waking up from sleeping.

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