Can Mattress Springs stab you?

One question that many customers might ask about a mattress is whether it's actually possible for springs in a mattress to poke out and stab you. Read on as we answer this frequently asked question and how you can avoid this. 

One this that is important to know is that springs in a mattress can be felt through the mattress if the spring has become damaged after use or if it has changed from its original shape and become bent. This can also happen when the comfort layer of a mattress that rests over the springs has started to wear out - which is something to avoid as it can lead to reduced support and is something to avoid especially if you want to have a good nights sleep. 

These are a few things you can do:

Replace your mattress

Sometimes the best thing you can do is replace your mattress. After a prolonged period of time, of constantly sleeping on the same mattress, there will be a point where you will need to buy a new mattress. If you start to feel the springs in your mattress poking through and causing pain and discomfort to you it's likely that the springs are broken, and far beyond repair. Here at Furnitureful there are many mattresses that can be purchased that will give you a fresh and enjoyable sleeping experience. Why not check out our Hybrid mattresses, the perfect combination of comfort and support with springs covered by a comfortable gel layer and surface that will feel like clouds every time you sleep on it. 

Select a mattress that has a lot of foam

If you want to be free from this worry completely, you can purchase a mattress that is entirely made of foam. Examples of these are memory foam, polyfoam or latex foam mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are beneficial for many people as they offer a high level of comfort and they absorb your body - which is especially useful for couples who don't want to be bothered by the movement of their partner.  However on the downside could be is that memory foam mattresses make it difficult to change sleeping positions and could interrupt sleeping patterns, especially if you are a sleeper who moves around a lot.

Purchase a mattress with individually wrapped springs 

A mattress with individually wrapped springs such as a hybrid mattress with memory foam or latex foam layer will help to avoid the feeling of springs through the lop layer of the mattress. The makeup of a hybrid mattress prevents the coils from sticking through too much and it also reduces movement. You can read more about Hybrid mattresses on our blog!

Purchase a mattress topper to put over the mattress

Using a mattress topper is a good temporary way to reduce the feeling of springs in your bed, especially if you are waiting to purchase a mattress at a later point. 

Make sure you are placing your mattress on a suitable bed frame

If your mattress is not being used with a suitable bed frame it can cause damage to your mattress. For example fi you use a smaller sized frame for your mattress you can risk squeezing and manipulating the mattress to fit which will lead to damage and can force the springs to poke out. Our Ottoman beds are completely compatible with our hybrid mattresses and the pair together provides a memorable sleeping experience that you will love. 

Overall it is possible for springs to be felt through your mattress for a number of different reasons but these tips are preventative and will ensure that you can continue having a good nights rest without worrying about springs!

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