Can Mattresses Cause Lower Back Pain

Can mattresses cause lower back pain

Sleeping on the wrong type of mattress can cause your lower back pain to worsen. The lack of support and sleeping posture does not help with spin alignment. some mattresses are very firm and can affect your body causing an uneasy restless sleep and body aches.

Ways to prevent lower back pain:

  • Buy a softer mattress – hard mattresses aren’t the best for back pains.
  • Add a mattress topper – adds a soft layer for comfort.
  • Buy a new mattress – an old mattress can contribute to lower back problems.

Types of mattresses to buy:

When choosing a mattress you need to look at the firmness level, you should look into your sleep style and your weight as these factors contribute to whether you are going to get the support your body needs.

To help relieve lower back pain, you should look into buying:

Memory foam mattress 

Memory foam beds help those with back problems, the materials are soft and allow your body to sink into the memory foam and moulding to your body shape relieving any body pains. It helps support your back’s natural curves giving extra support to your spine and lower back.

Latex mattress

Latex works the same as memory foam, it surrounds your body as you lay on it giving your body comfort and reliving pressure. It is far more supportive than memory foam mattresses as it helps with spine alignment.

Hybrid mattress 

A hybrid mattress combines conformity, stiffness and bounciness, this is great in helping to reduce lower back pain without being too stiff or bouncy, it’s just the right amount of pressure for anyone suffering with lower back pains.

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