Can Memory Foam Cause Body Pain

Can memory foam cause body pain

Can a memory foam mattress cause back pain?

Memory foam helps you sleep, it offers a comforting space and curves to your body’s natural shape offering support to your spine, it tries to prevent back pain instead of causing it. But the wrong memory foam mattress can cause you back pain, as the firmness can vary and if you don’t have the firmness level that is best for you, you will experience back pain

Can memory foam pillows cause neck pain?

You can experience neck and shoulder pain when you use a memory foam pillow that is too firm or too soft for you, you should try looking into a pillow that supports your head and neck, and is comfortable to you.

Advantages of using a topper:

  • Offers great support
  • Anyone can use them
  • Help full for muscle relaxation
  • Engulfs you allowing pressure relief all over relaxation
  • Cheaper alternative than buying a whole new mattress

Disadvantages of using a topper:

  • Can sag
  • May need replacing often,
  • Can become very hot, and cause you to sweat at night
  • Allows you to sink in, and some people may not like the feeling and end up feeling claustrophobic
  • A topper is a temporary solution

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