Can Pillows Cause Lower Back Pain?

Can pillows cause lower back pain?

You should be aware of the way you sleep as the position you sleep in may cause you pain while you sleep. Sleeping without support can cause pressure on your spine and cause back pain, it may also cause misalignment with your spine.

How to prevent lower back pain?

One way of preventing lower back pain is by using a hot water bottle. You can also get up and be active, as sitting and being inactive for a long time can cause body pains. You can also buy softer pillows to rest on and feel comfortable with.

What pillows are best for lower back pain?

Some of the best pillows are made up of, latex, memory foam, cotton and silk. Although the pricing can range, it is worth it, it prevents any pains in your neck and your back. Be sure to do your research on which pillow is suitable for you, and if you have any allergies, make sure to buy a hypoallergenic pillow.

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