Can Recliner Chairs Be Fixed?

by Dylan Bowen August 18, 2022 2 min read

Can recliner chairs be fixed?

Can manual recliner chairs be repaired? Yes, regardless of whether your recliner chair is manual or electric it can still be repaired, but you need a professional craftsman to repair the recliner chair as they have specific tools and parts to repair it.

You may be wondering how long your recliner should last. Well, recliners are mostly made with similar types of material and framework as sofas so recliner sofas should last about 7 to 15 years.

As well as carrying many spare parts for many models of recliner chairs craftsmen also have the experience and diagnostic tools to determine where the fault in your motion furniture is.

Craftspeople also tighten all loose parts and make repairs to the wooden frame as well as fit new recliner chair seat foam because recliner sofas & chairs are heavy and not easy to move out at home. Recliner chair repair service makes sense.

Is your recliner chair not reclining? It could be possible the lever is loose on one side of the recliner chair or the lever may have lost a screw. If you look under the recliner you may find the missing screw, if you do we suggest if possible then screw it yourself.

Why is your recliner sagging after a few uses? This may be because your cushions may have broken down or the screws may need tightening in the chair. Another reason for sagging may be because the recliner chair has lost its support due to being worn and torn after multiple uses.

Can leather recliner chairs be repaired? If the repair is small you can buy a repair kit for leather and do it yourself which is more of a budget-friendly option too. Although if the repair is too big then we suggest getting a new recliner sofa as it won’t be as costly compared to repairing your leather recliner sofa.

Dylan Bowen
Dylan Bowen

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