Can Sofa Cushion Covers Be Washed?

Can sofa cushion covers be washed?

The most effective way to wash cushion covers is on a cold, gentle cycle with a colourant free detergent or pod. It is important to have your cushion covers zipped, to guarantee the cushions don’t get damaged or tangled while being washed. Hang or line dry the cushion covers, and guarantee you avoid a machine dryer. If you put cushion covers in a dryer the fabric may shrink or get damaged. Before washing cushion covers, there are certain steps you should take to prevent damaging your cushion covers.

When you have considered your cushion covers washable, you must understand how to clean cushion covers adequately, not just to clean them and get rid of unwanted stains and smells.

Ready the cushions cover for washing in advance by removing all pet hair and dirt before hurling them into the washing machine. Use the sofa attachment on your vacuum cleaner to suck up dirt.

Not all fabrics are created equally. Cushion covers fabric can be woven in several diverse ways. Sofa cushion covers cannot be washed in the washing machine due to the fibre used to create them.

The washing machine might even discolour or damage your cushion casing. The casing could potentially stretch and lengthen making your sofa cushions look worn out.

The material may even shrink and after it’s clean, also, worst case scenario the cushion covers might not even be able to fit back on the cushion. It is especially important to talk to someone before throwing your cushion covers in the washing machine. We recommend contacting the furniture store you bought the sofa from.

When washing your cushion covers use a certain method, that method is ½ cup of water, two ½ tbsp vinegar, baking soda and a spray bottle.

Start by mixing the vinegar and water in a spray bottle, then spraying the cushion covers with the liquid. If stain removal is required from a couch cushion, spot treat the area first, soiling the stain with a moist cloth.

It is always wise to rub outside to make sure you don’t spread the stain and allow it to be bigger. Then, wash the entire cover together with the liquid by rubbing it with a towel.

After completed, sprinkle baking soda on the cover allowing it to soak for thirty minutes. Vacuum off the leftover powder to reduce the stain and some other persistent odours.

How often should you clean your cushion covers?

Cleaning sofa cushions and other upholstery, including washing the fabric, is a job that can vary in regularity. In an ideal situation, you would vacuum furnished furniture once a week and do a complete cleaning once a month. Although, when it comes to cushion covers, it can vary from person to person.

Also, the frequency of washing the cushion covers is based upon the material of the covers and the way you use the sofa, whether it’s for sleeping or lounging.

A monthly wash is encouraged, but it may be more regularly or maybe not if you vacuum your cushion covers each week. If you are unsure about the cushion cover kind, we recommend getting it cleaned by an expert to prevent damage.

You may even inspect the cleaning solution on a small and hidden section of the cover to prevent damage to the whole cushion cover.

Allow the cleaning solution to sit for a couple of minutes and then wash the region to know whether it could fade or transfer colour. This assessment is known as colourfastness and is frequently performed with DIY cleansers like vinegar or alcohol.

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