Can Sofa Cushions Be Restored?

Can sofa cushions be restored?

What is sofa cushion restoration?

Sofa cushion restoring is when you change an old, sinking sofa cushion and stuff it with brand new feathers, fibre, and foam filling. It is usually recommended that you send off your sofa cushion to a sofa specialist to do this, as it is important to restore your sofa cushions to their exact size. Once you have sent them off and they have been restored then they will return the new plump cushions back to you.

A lot of people tend to change their sofa cushion infills rather than replace the sofa as it is a lot cheaper. Choosing to repurpose your sofa cushions by restoring them is also a great choice for people who still love their sofa colour and style and just want to fix the sagging sofa cushion issue. 

It is known that British made foam is the best quality foam that also lasts the longest and is best for sofa cushion refilling. This is because it springs back into its original form and does not require constant upkeep such as plumping or repositioning. 

Can leather sofa cushions be restored?

There are a variety of sofa cushions that can be restored, this includes leather, fabric, canvas, and all other materials that are upholstered. All sofa cushions that can be zipped and are removable are able to be restored. 

What is the process of getting sofa cushions restored?

The first step is to research a sofa specialist and ask for a quote. All sofa firms will ask you to have a rough measurement of your sofa cushions, so you are able to get a quote on the phone straight away before you decide whether you want to move any further with getting your sofa cushions restored. The way you measure your cushions is to measure the greatest width, length, and depth of each cushion.

How much will it cost to get sofa cushions refilled?

The price of this procedure always is dependent on the size and depth of the sofa cushion. Typically, prices begin at £50 and can go all the way up to £120 for each cushion. 

When looking into getting quotes on your sofa cushions you need to keep these things in mind:

  • Some sofa firms do not include fibre and stockinette into their sofa cushions or the sofa cushions they receive to restore. 
  • They will cut a rectangle of foam without shaping it and will then insert into the cushion alongside many layers of fibre which compress at a rapid rate and will then cause the sofa cushions to become saggy within a brief period.
  • They may glue together cuts of foam to create a bigger piece of foam which will start to disintegrate over time and will cause the sofa cushion to sag in areas and will cause discomfort and back pain.


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