Can Spring Mattresses Cause Discomfort?

Can spring mattresses cause discomfort?

What is a spring mattress?

Spring mattresses, also known as innerspring mattresses, are mattresses that use hundreds of metal springs to provide a support layer that is hidden underneath.

Advantages and disadvantages of a spring mattress:


Spring mattresses are cheaper. A standard spring mattress is a lot cheaper than memory foam or hybrid mattresses that have loads of features such as cooling gel foam.

Spring mattresses provide amazing support this is because coils in the spring mattress are designed to support and evenly distribute your weight across the mattress, this will prevent any sinking feeling.

Spring mattresses have motion movement, the mattress will move with you rather than make you feel as if you are stuck in one place.


Spring mattresses aren’t as good with motion isolation. The more bounce the spring mattress has the more you will be able to feel your partner toss and turn next to you.

Spring mattresses can also be very loud and noisy, spring mattresses can make noise as you move around in bed which is terribly annoying, whereas memory foam is a lot quieter.

Can mattress springs stab you?

It is very unlikely for a mattress spring to actually stab you or even be felt through the mattress but there are things you can do that will prevent this from happening and will allow you endless nights of great sleep.

Purchase a mattress that has individually wrapped springs- a perfect example of this mattress would be a hybrid mattress that contains memory foam or a latex foam layer. This will then hopefully stop you from feeling the springs in the mattress.

Purchase a mattress topper – a mattress topper is a good temporary solution that is also cheap that will help to minimise the feeling of springs in your mattress. Particularly if you are planning to buy a new mattress.

Purchase a mattress that contains a lot of foam – if the idea of a spring in your mattress stabbing you provides you with great fear and apprehension, then the best thing to do is purchase a mattress that has a lot of foam as this will decrease the chances of that ever happening. You have a few foam mattresses to choose from, you can purchase a memory foam mattress, a latex foam mattress or a poly foam mattress.

Use the correct bed frame for your mattress – if you are using your mattress on a bed frame that is not compatible with the mattress then it can cause your mattress harm and even potentially cause the springs in the mattress to break. This is why it’s important to use the correct bed frame for your mattress and vice versa.

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