Can The Springs in a Mattress Stab You?

Can the springs in a mattress stab you?

What is the purpose of springs being in a mattress?

By tradition a mattress will always have some springs. The springs play the role of the support layer in the mattress and without the springs, the mattress will feel too soft. But as the years have gone on there have been more supportive materials that have been made aware of. Because of this you can purchase a mattress that has no springs at all, but this isn’t most people will go down this is because a mattress with springs will always be sturdier and provide the most support.

The main two types of mattress that contain springs are the innerspring mattress and the hybrid mattress. The innerspring mattress is the oldest and most used mattress out of all five types listed. This type of mattress uses a metal wire structure that is joint together with springs to construct a support frame that is then wrapped in fabric with cushioning material that is applied to the top of the mattress for additional support. And the hybrid mattress is a multi-layer mattress that blends memory foam, latex, or gel along with an innerspring system. Sleepers can feel both the pressure relief of the foam layers and the durable feel of a traditional spring mattress.

Why do the springs in a mattress start to stab you?

Being able to feel the springs in your mattress is a big sign that its time change your mattress or that your mattress doesn’t have that much time left before it needed to be replaced. When you can feel the springs in a mattress that usually indicates that the springs have broken and no longer do their job which is supporting the mattress.

How to fix or help with this problem?

There are ways that you can try and a lessen the problem and this is by using a mattress topper, even though this will not always help fic the problem there is no harm in trying it out. There are four different types of mattress toppers for you to choose from a memory foam mattress topper is made of temperature-sensitive material, memory foam reacts to your body heat and contours to your shape, this is a quality that manufacturers claim to help relieve painful joints. A Feather and down mattress toppers have a more traditional feel and are cheap, you can find a down mattress topper for as less as £50. There is also the option of the Microfibre and hollowfibre mattress toppers are made of a synthetic material, that is frequently used in pillows and duvets, this mattress topper is the most affordable of all the mattress toppers out there. And lastly the latex mattress toppers are made of rubber tree sap or synthetic rubber. Latex mattress toppers are generally cooler and more breathable than memory foam mattress toppers. Even after using a mattress topper, you may still feel the springs, but it will help to quieten down the squeaking noise that they make. If this doesn’t work and nothing is helping to stop the springs from poking you then I think this would be the time to swap out your old uncomfortable mattress for bouncy new one, as there is nothing more important than a good night’s sleep.

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