Can You Fold An Innerspring Mattress?

Can you fold an innerspring mattress?

You can fold an innerspring mattress however it is recommended that you don’t, any coiled or spring-filled mattress like a hybrid with a solid structure, including metal as support shouldn’t be folded. If they are folded it is hard to get straight again. Coils and springs can be bent permanently and it can also tare the mattress. By keeping the mattress folded for a long period of time you may cause some serious damage to the mattress, so much that you may have to buy a different mattress.

Can you bend an innerspring mattress?

It is physically possible to bed an innerspring mattress but it isn’t promoted, professional mattress stores usually store their mattress flat this is to stop any damage caused to the coils or springs. It also isn’t recommended as you can damage the materials inside the mattress by bending the mattress and keeping it bent for a long period of time

How to transport your innerspring mattress without folding it?

Usually, an innerspring mattress is transported to the customer by van, the company or store will usually have a delivery service where you can pay them to deliver your mattress, the mattress will come up straight or lay flat as they wouldn’t want to fold the mattress and make an indentation on the mattress or damage the coils or possibly tare the mattress materials. Innerspring mattresses can also be transported by the customer themselves, you can tie it to the hood of your car, if your car is big enough you can put them in the back of your car.

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