Can You Lock An Ottoman Bed?

Can you lock an ottoman bed?

Although you cannot physically lock an ottoman bed you won’t have to worry about keeping the ottoman bed closed as the weight of a heavy mattress helps keep the bed down and the storage is less likely to open up at random times.

What’s an ottoman bed?

An ottoman bed is a bed that uses gas-lift hydraulics to help lift the base of the bed to reveal storage space underneath. They can open from both sides of the bed or from one side but to find out you should read the instructions and leaflet that comes with the bed.

Where to buy an ottoman bed?

Ottoman beds are a very common type of bed, they are sold at furniture stores and mattress stores, such as Furnitureful, DFS, and Dreams. Ottoman beds are also sold online. So purchasing an ottoman bed is quite easy; all you have to do is just search it and you will get recommended the most frequently brought ottoman beds.

Why choose an ottoman storage bed?

Ottoman beds offer storage space. In fact, they offer the most storage you can get out of a storage bed as they use all of the available space under the bed. Ottoman beds use gas lift hydraulics to help make it easier for people to lift, so you wouldn’t need help or struggle when storing items. Ottoman storage beds are more common now and they are made from the best quality materials.

How to put an ottoman storage bed together?

  1. Make sure you have all of the materials, screws and bed frame pieces. Place it on the floor in groups so you can find all the pieces without worrying about losing anything.
  2. Assemble and add screws to the outer bed frames.
  3. Add and screw the headboard onto the rest of the bed frame.
  4. Add the centre beam and legs to the bed frame.
  5. Add slats onto the bed frame and make sure the screws and bolts are tight. By doing this you are making sure that the bed frame is sturdy and secure.
  6. Make sure that the lifting mechanism of the bed is working.
  7. Add the mattress on top and your bed is assembled.

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