Can You Put Your Mattress On The Floor?

Can You Put Your Mattress On The Floor?  

Sometimes, putting a mattress of the floor isn't the worst thing, in fact in some cultures it’s a norm, is the standard in places that Japan. Sometimes you may find yourself moving and you have no place to rest your mattress but to put it on the floor, it may seem weird until you actually try it.  

Your mattress type is one of the main factors that determines whether or not it is okay for you to put your mattress on the floor, that along =side other factors such as your room environment and your own personal preference.  

There are some pros and cons that sleeping on a mattress on the floor has, some of the pros and cons will be discussed in this blog.  

There are some cons to putting your mattress on the floor, here are somethings to consider before you do so.  


  • Allergies 

If you are someone that suffers from allergies this may not be the best thing to do, as it can make your allergies in the bedroom worse than if you were to sleep on a bed frame. As dead skin cells, dirt, dust mites and more gather together on the floor where you would lay your head very close too, breathing in all of these things that really cause your allergies to really flare up. However, if you keep the floor clean often this should be a big deal breaker.  

  • Potential growth of mould and mildew 

If you rest your mattress on the floor and you happen to swat a lot in your sleep then there is no room for your mattress to fully air out the trapped moisture, so there is a chance that over a long period of time your mattress can grow mould or mildew, but to prevent this you should allow sometime for your mattress to air out.  

  • Uncomfortable for side sleepers 

If you are a side sleeper you do require a certain amount of comfort and support, with extra support around your shoulder and hip, having your mattress on the floor may not offer you all the support you require if you are a side sleeper. Although, if you sleep in a different position for example if you are a back sleeper, having your mattress directly on the floor won't pose the same problems or discomfort as it would if you are a side sleeper, the comfort levels of having your mattress set on the floor is determined on your sleeping position.  


  • Save space 

Placing your mattress direct on the floor can save you some space, if you place you place your mattress directly on the floor then it can give your room a minimalistic look, preventing your room from looking like a cluttered area, if somewhere looks neater and less cluttered, it may help you sleep as your room becomes a place of peace instead of chaos. Also, if you wanted you could always lean your mattress up on the wall giving you more free surface area, to do whatever you wanted, until it's time for you to sleep which is when you would bring the bed down again.  

  • May help your back pain 

There are some studies that show that if you sleep on the floor without a pillow then it can help improve and bring ease to your back pain for some people, this may be the case for you too, but you’ll never know unless you actually try it out for yourself to see if it helps your back pain too. Sleeping on the floor may help improve your back pain since, placing your mattress on the floor makes your mattress firmer therefore, sleeping on it could potentially relieve your back pain all while keeping your spine straight throughout the night. 

  • Budget friendly 

Sleeping with your mattress on the floor could potentially save you a good amount of money that you otherwise would have spent buying a fancy bed frame that would have costed more thank your mattress alone, therefore not buying a bed frame could save you some money.  

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