Can You Wash Settee Covers?

Can you wash settee covers?

Settee covers are going to get dirty, and you can’t really stop this from happening. Beverages will certainly spill; crayons will colour them and paws will march all sorts of dirt over your settee covers.

So, it’s important to keep the covers looking clean and rejuvenated. Also, you can do this easily by washing and preserving them regularly.

The problem with this little washing activity is that settee covers love to shrink in the wash. This isn’t precisely ideal because you actually need to replace the clean settee covers when you’re done. Although, if they don’t fit anymore, you’ve got a major problem on your hands. Some would call it a disaster!

Tips for cleaning settee covers

Before cleaning settee covers, you should consider the following steps:

Ensure you follow the guidance on your settee cover’s label before you try to clean it. There should be most likely a label on the settee cover, so we suggest you read this before washing it to prevent shrinkage or the hassle of buying a new one for your settee.

If you are unsure about how to clean your settee covers then it is better to ask the manufacturer, there is a highly likely chance the manufacturer’s website has a few blogs on the questions you may have related to washing and care of settee covers so it is best to research.

Although, we suggest before washing your settee covers ensure you vacuum them beforehand to prevent any mess from entering your washing machine’s pipes or any other hassle.

Spot clean stains on the covers, they may appear to help the overall cleaning process for the covers. Don’t wait to wipe the covers down, clean the spills straight away as this will prevent the covers from becoming dirty.

However, keep in mind that manufacturers may advise you against washing your settee covers as it may remove the fire retardant. In this situation, it is best to hire a professional clean your sofa.

So, to the point of whether settee covers can be washed or not? Well, yes, they can be washed. All settee covers can be washed but not all are machine washable as some can be only hand-washed or rinsed. Also, if you are washing your settee covers in your washing machine, we suggest you use a mild to low temperature setting.

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