Taking care of your new Hybrid Mattress

How to take care of your new Hybrid Mattress


Here at FurnitureFul, we recommend that you invest in a Hybrid mattress as it is crucial to invest in a good quality mattress. If your mattress does not offer you the correct level of comfort and support, then it will prevent you from having a rejuvenating and restful sleep. Also, it is essential to upkeep basic care and maintenance of your mattress.

If you follow the tips provided below, we assure you it will boost the longevity of your Hybrid mattress.


- Protect it from spills

Mattresses can soak up substances such as water, other fluids and sweat. It will come as a surprise to know that you sweat at night despite being you may be unaware of this fact. Ultimately, this will result in the formation of mildew or mould, deteriorating your health as well as making it hard to get rid of it. Using a waterproof mattress protector will prevent this from occurring.


- Keeping it dust-free

Regular maintenance and upkeep of the mattress will help ensure your mattress is dust-free which will reduce the risk of allergies arising. Nevertheless, the hypoallergenic nature of our Hybrid mattresses will keep dust and all other allergens away.

Mattress with Dust on it


- Avoid sitting on the edges

You should avoid sitting on the edges of your Hybrid mattress to prevent damaging the corner of it. A standard mattress is estimated to last between 7 to 10 years, however, it could potentially last longer if it is well maintained and looked after well.

Man sitting on the edge of Mattress


- Hiring professional mattress cleaners

Most mattress guides propose frequent care and upkeep, however, this may not be sufficient alone and may require professionals to do it instead. Mattress cleaning agencies use products that are specialised to remove stains and provide that fresh new mattress feel.

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