How Often Should You Change Your Pillows

How often should you change your pillows?


Are old pillows unhealthy? Can an old pillow make you sick? How often should you change your pillows?


Have these questions occupied you lately? Are they keeping you awake? Worry time is over.


Signs that your pillow is making you sick:

When you hit the pillow after a tiring day at work, you expect to relax and wake up fit and fresh the next day, ready to conquer the world. However, if your pillow is old and unsupportive, then a good rest can be a distant dream.


Let us have a look at the signs that you need to change your old pillows:


  • Your pillow has lumps

  • There are oil stains on your pillow

  • You wake up more exhausted

  • When you wake up, your neck and shoulders hurt

  • Your pillow makes you sneeze

  • Your pillow causes you rashes on your face and neck, or any exposed skin in contact with the pillow

  • You need to adjust yourself and fluff the pillow constantly to get into a comfortable position


If your pillow displays one or more of the signs discussed above, then it is time for you to get rid of it.


Which brings us to the next frequently asked question: How often should you change your pillows?


Pillow type

Replace every


Two to four years

Memory foam

18 to 36 months

Goose Down

One to two years


One to two years


Pile of pillows

Now that you know it is time to bid farewell to your old unhealthy pillow, the next obvious question is, which pillow you should go for. Our suggestion would be to see our twin pack of pillows.

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