Children's Beds For Small Spaces

Children’s beds for small spaces

Are you looking for a children’s bed for a small bedroom? Well, be prepared to be inspired by a range of children’s beds from the UK’s leading retailers all in one place.

Make your child’s bedroom better for you as well as your child with a single children’s bed or even bunk beds to maximise the space in your child’s room. Also, don’t worry about the price points of children’s beds as there are children’s beds for all budgets.

For children’s bedrooms or shared bedrooms for your child or children, it is important to design the bedroom with your child or children’s likes and dislikes, for example, if your children are fans of cars you may want a small car bed.

Apart from ensuring a comfortable sleeping area for your children, you also want to ensure they have enough space in their room to move around and put toys scattered around the room.

An entertaining way to get a space-saving children’s bedroom design for your home is to buy twin beds which are back to back.

This way if you have a twin back to back bed you can put the bed to one side of your children’s room against the wall.

A space-saving children’s bed is a great way to create plenty of space for your child to play indoors.

Our recommendation is to purchase wall to wall furniture for your children’s bedroom as it will leave a lot of floor space for your children.

Being short on space does not have to mean you can’t get innovative with the furniture as there are many children’s bed options which come with desks and other cool features for your child.

So, what are the best kids' beds for small spaces?

Our first recommendation is Classic Beech Bunk Bed with Trundle - Pure White | Solid storage bunk bed | Little Folks Furniture. We recommend this bunk bed as it will give your children plenty of sleeping options and this is great for your children from the age of primary school all the way up to adulthood.

This bunk bed is made of solid beech hardwood and comes with a slatted mattress base, if you are worried about your children’s safety with this bunk bed then you don’t need to worry as this bunk bed is incredibly sturdy and great for siblings sharing a bedroom.

To find the best beds for children visit: Best kids bed 2022: Bunks, foldaways and cot beds | The Independent

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