Children's Beds Shaped Like Cars

Children’s beds shaped like cars

Is your son dreaming to be the next Lewis Hamilton? Or possibly your daughter is more intrigued by cars than dolls and princesses?

You can find a range of furniture and décor for your children’s room on the market. Amongst the coolest items are car shaped beds, great for children who are a fan of cars.

The car-shaped beds are perfect for little boys or even girls, who are fans of cars and have the dreams of becoming a racer, a police officer, or even a firefighter.

Although, don’t think there are only cool beds for little boys because there are cool beds for little girls too, which are shaped as carriages which come in pink.

These cool beds for children come in vibrant colours so any of them would become a bold addition to any of your children’s rooms even if it isn’t racing themed. You will find a range of designs on the market, such as jeeps, trains, buses and so on.

You can style any room with a car-shaped bed or a princess carriage shaped bed. The shape of the bed will adapt to the child’s taste from superheroes to princesses.

Although, keep in mind that the bed is the most important furniture piece of a room and therefore should be the centre of attention. Mix your child’s bedroom with their favourite colours and comic idols, to ensure they love it and enjoy playing in it as well as sleeping. For children especially, their room is a sanctuary, where they play, learn and sleep too.

Whether you’re shopping for a boy, girl, or toddler, we promise there’s a range of car beds for everyone regardless of their likes, dislikes and designs.

Here are a few options that are available on the market: premier cars, supercars, hypercars, box room beds and ottoman car beds.

The car beds are suitable in a range of colours and designs and are suitable also, for children aged 18 months to 15 years. The car beds come in a diverse range of sizes, but each bed is designed to fit a standard single bed with the dimensions of 190cm x 190cm x 15cm. Although, you will have to buy a separate mattress for the bed.

To purchase your child’s car bed, matching car duvets and pillowcases etc visit: Car Beds for Kids & Toddler Car Beds | #1 Car Bed Shop

What factors affect your buying a car bed for your child?

You may be wondering, which is the best car bed for your child, well that depends on several factors such as the size of your child’s bedroom, is it a small box room or is it a big bedroom, where they have enough space for toys and a bed.

Other factors which affect the best type of car bed for your child are your child’s age, their favourite car, style and colour and the overall budget you must spend on a car bed for your child too.

Are children’s car beds safe?

Yes, children’s car beds are safe and highly creative in design too. Car beds on the market are safe, due to them being fitted with raised side panels. This is especially useful when you are transitioning your child from a cot to a bed.

These beds are extra secure and safe, especially for toddlers and they offer protection from your child falling off their bed at night without understanding. Car beds also include supportive headboards with durable slatted bases.

However, before buying your child’s car bed ensure it is safe by checking the safety tags to ensure they meet UK regulations.

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