Choosing the best bedroom interior to uplift your mental health

Without a doubt, many people see their bedroom as a source of peace, solitude and a haven for their mental health. A 2015 survey in the Journal of the Association for Psychological Sciences stated that a bedroom’s atmosphere influenced their inhabitants’ emotional wellbeing. With that said we’ve come up with our top tips, ideas and inspirational goals to help you craft and create your bedroom into a utopia for your mental health.

Top Tip 1: You do you

To truly be comfortable in your bedroom you first have to make yourself at home in it. How do you achieve this, you ask? Well, first ensure that your bedroom reflects YOUR favourite styles and YOUR favourite colours. There’s no point painting the walls pink if you detest the colour because you're going to be staring at those walls for who-knows-how many years. Which brings me onto our second tip.

Top Tip 2: Choose a cheerful colour scheme

Yellow. Electric blue. Orange. Rose red. These are the types of colours that leave you energised and ready for the day ahead. If you’re striving to improve your mental health these are the types of colours that will really leave you happy, hopeful and ready for the day ahead.

Top Tip 3: Tactical window treatments

If you’re trying to improve your general mood, blocking up all your windows and using black out curtains may not be the way to go. If you’re lucky enough to have a gorgeous sea or scenic view take full advantage of it by using minimal window treatments, and on top of that ensure that your room remains clutter-free so that you can make the most of any sunlight that pours in. Invest in a bed that takes up/saves space such as a bunk bed, an Ottoman storage bed or a sofa bed.

Top Tip 4: Balance and neutrality is key

Bright, bold colours will uplift your general mood, however, you’ll want to offset these with some pale or neutral tones so that you don't go into sensory overload. Even a pale pink or a light blue can help make you feel calm and peaceful, equally important emotions to ones such as happiness to ensure a person also remains balanced and in a healthy mental state.

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