Common Questions On Bed Frames?

Common questions on bed frames

Most of the time we all have the same question about bed frames, we all want to know the basics so instead of sitting and wondering, here are a few questions that have been answered for you. This blog should help make it easier for you when looking into bed frames.

What to do when a bed frame Breaks? 

when a wooden bed frame breaks you can try to glue the wood together, however, this is a temporary fix and should be taken care of immediately. You can also add extra screws to the frame, to add more sturdiness. There are other options for when a bed frame breaks for example if it gets to a point where you cannot fix the bed frame you can recycle the wood or metal, or you could reuse it for another project. This helps reduce waste and stops adding to landfills.

What to do when a bed frame Bends?

when a bed frame bends it is usually caused by too much weight being put on the bed frame, for example, if you only sleep on one side of the bed, then it’s more likely that side of the bed frame will be lower than the other, as it holds your body weight every night. A bed frame can also bend if it’s not being used as intended for example it is being used as a trampoline by kids. You can try to prevent this by rotating your bed frame often, sleeping on the other side of the bed, and stopping using it for anything else other than sleeping.

When do you need a bed frame?

you need a bed frame as you need a place to sleep, you need a sturdy frame so that your mattress can rest and you can feel safe and comfortable. A bed frame provides the sturdiness and height as you wouldn’t want to be sleeping on the floor. You would need a bed frame for guests, if you are someone who has a guest over often and they sleepover you need a space for them to sleep, and a bed frame will be needed as well as a mattress.

When to replace a bed frame?

an average bed frame can last you a couple of years, depending on the quality, it can be said that wooden bed frames can last longer than metal bed frames as metal tends to rust easily they aren’t as sturdy and they are easy to move, a wooden bed frame is heavier so it’s not likely to move around as much, they can hold more weight and they are the most common. You should replace your bed frame if you feel as though it isn’t doing its job, it isn’t giving you the support and comfort you need and if you have outgrown your bed frame. 

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