Different types of headboards

We’re sure you’ve experienced the animated conversations about bed buying from both young and old alike. But have you seen such excitement about headboards? No? Well, now’s our time to show you how headboards are truly a part of what makes a bed iconic. Without them most beds would appear simple and tiny. With them, beds are transformed into elegant focal points of their bedrooms. Today, we're going to highlight the different styles and designs of headboards that are available on the market to help you find one that will truly compliment your bed.

Things to think about: Materials

You’ll be spoilt for choice when you realise just how many materials there are available for headboards. From metal to upholstery to wood, you can be left with a headboard that screams bold and fun or something understated yet tasteful and elegant.

When buying a headboard you also have to be aware that a headboard may not come pre-installed with your chosen bed. This can be great if you want to get inventive and truly buy something more unique and custom made, however, it’s worth factoring in how much budget you have left over. But don’t worry too much, there are many headboards available out there at discount prices.

Things to think about: Style

Now, this is where many people trip up over words they’ve never heard before. A panelled headboard. A traditional headboard. A scalloped headboard. Or even a slatted headboard. You might be wondering what these all mean. Luckily they’re all pretty self explanatory and will only help you on your mission to find a headboard that suits your taste. Below are some explanations of some styles to help you find your dream style:

A panelled headboard

A panelled headboard is simply one that is made up of wooden or metal bars (which is why they’re called ‘panels’). Great for those interested in a classy design.

A scalloped headboard

This headboard is made up of the opposite of rigid lines - instead, undulated curves make up the top of the headboard to create a relaxed bed appearance.

Things to think about: the bed SIZE too?

Despite being fully prepared about materials and styles, another thing people sometimes forget is that the bed size has to correspond to the size of the headboard otherwise it may look a tad odd. Although some headboards can be customised to fit the bed, it’s best to also buy beds in traditional standard sizes so that headboards that suit them can be found more easily.

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