Do Fabric Beds Get Dirty?

Do fabric beds get dirty?

What is a fabric bed?

A fabric bed is a bed that has been upholstered using a soft material. The most popular materials that are used for fabric beds are leather, chenille, and velvet, the beds also come in a wide variety of colours too.

Things you should know before purchasing a fabric bed:

Fabric beds can get dirty and stained at a rapid rate, the upholstered headboard even holds on to water stains, so if you're someone who gets into bed at night with a head full of wet hair then there will be some water droplet stains for you to deal with. How much a stain will show up on a fabric bed also depends on the colour of the bed too. However, these stains are generally very easy to clean up and get rid of, all you must do is damp the area with a wet cloth and mild soap, or you can use a gentle cleaning spray too, either will work just fine. A steam cleaner is also a great investment if you have a fabric bed as they really do work miracles on fabric beds.

Fabric beds attract pet hair like magnets. The headboard of a fabric bed can become full of pet hair especially if you have pets that sleep in the bed with you. An easy way of getting rid of the pet hair from your fabric headboard is to simply use a lint roller. All you need to do is roll the lint roller over the headboard and it will pick all those pet hairs right up. As well as being a magnet for pet hair, a fabric bed can also get very dusty too. You should vacuum your fabric bed around once a week to get the best results and a dust-free bed.

Learning how to clean your fabric bed is an important part of owning a fabric bed, it will take some research to figure out what is the best way to clean your fabric bed depending on the fabric that is used on your bed. Some fabric beds do come with cleaning instructions and if that is the case then you should follow them as that will be the best way to clean your specific fabric bed.

How to clean a fabric bed?

You will need to vacuum your headboard on a regular basis this is because dust and dirt will start to gather on your bed, and it will be obvious. You should always be gentle when doing this, I know that may seem obvious but it's important as you don’t want to damage the fabric on the bed.

There are loads of different ways to clean a fabric bed so it's best to have done your research and to be prepared, the most important thing to remember is to pat not rub when you are cleaning a fabric bed.

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