Do I need a headboard?

Do I need a headboard?

A headboard can change the entire feel of your bedroom, in comparison to a footboard. A headboard does not limit your movements or the space you have to sleep in during the night, particularly if you are taller. A headboard supports your bed, and it keeps the wall from scraping, scratching and discoloration. A headboard also stops your pillow from falling off of the bed during the night. The headboard also acts as a backrest for when you are doing activities such as watching tv in bed or reading before bed. Visually, an average bed can also be used as a lovely showpiece in your bedroom, by inserting the simplest of headboards.      

Headboards can be purchased in a large range of materials and designs, no matter the vibe of your room you should be able to get a headboard that flatters your bedroom style and décor. A headboard is the ideal finishing touch and is main focal point of your bedroom. Generally, headboards are usually pretty cheap and won’t end up breaking the bank.

Types of headboards:

  • Leather
  • Metal
  • Natural fibres 
  • Wood
  • Wrought iron
  • Upholstered

Does a headboard need a frame?

A headboard does need a frame, but you can use abed frame without a headboard if you would rather not have one. The manner in which you join the headboard to your bedframe is entirely dependent on the headboard type that you have. It is vital to make sure that your headboard is consistent with your bed frame and vice versa. 

Headboards are generally a bolt-on or hook-on design. A headboard that has bolts, will also have holes punctured into its legs, while a headboard that fits with the hooks will have slits where the hooks will be able to be fastened. You should know what you want, before you go to purchase one as this will make the process a lot easier.

Benefits of having a headboard:

  1. Provides extra head and back support- Many people read or watch tv whilst they are in bed. If you do this then a headboard is a perfect option for you as it allows you to happily sit in bed for hours at a time and your spine will also be happy with you. 
  2. Keep the cold away- If you feel cold during the night, a headboard may help in keeping your bedroom warmer. This is because it offers additional insulation amongst you and the wall. The main use of the headboard was always to keep a person warm whilst they sleep. If you have your bed leaning against a wall that is poorly insulated, then a headboard can help to add insulation and warm the room up.
  3. Prevents damage to the wall- If you lean you bed right against the wall, the edges of the bed and the corners can rub against the wall, which will remove pain as you will be moving around whilst you are in bed. Oil and sweat from your body can also stain and dirty the walls in they come contact. A headboard will stop that as it creates a barricade between the bed and the wall which will stop and damage that may come from contact with the wall.
  4. Can keep the pillows from falling- If you sleep without a headboard then you find your pillows on the floor during the night. The pillows can fall in between the bed and the wall but if you have a headboard, it can stop this issue from happening.
  5. Provides additional storage- Storage is important for any bedroom, particularly if you have a smaller room. To maximise your storage space, you will want to choose a bed frame that comes with storage compartments. Headboards can also work as storage as some headboards can come with shelves or drawers, to use your space wisely and keep your bedroom organized.

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