Do King Size Beds Fit Through Doors?

Do king size beds fit through doors?

To be honest like most people you would have normal width doors which most of the time would be enough if you were going to fit a single bed frame though a door frame. But since this is not the case a king size bed would not fit through a door whilst it is in one piece. If you have a double door, then you might be able to fit the king size bed through without any issues.

If you cannot fit some of the king size bed parts through the door for whatever the reason maybe, you should try removing the door so that you avoid damaging the bed frame and the door itself as much as possible. Also, since the door has been removed you have been given more space to fit the king size bed parts through the door frame with more space to work with if you must fit the king size bed parts at angle to fit in the room.

If a king size bed does not fit through the door you could try a divan bed since that bed can come apart so it may be simpler to buy a divan bed instead of a regular king size bed frame. Since the divan bed can come apart it may be more appealing than a normal king bed frame and since it comes apart there is less strain placed on the divan bed than a normal bed frame would have.

On the chance you really want a king size bed frame but are struggling to fit one through you might want to hire someone to fit it through for you or have the king size bed custom made so that it would fit through the door frame.

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