Do sofa beds come with mattresses?

Do sofa beds come with mattresses? 

Are you looking in shops or online for sofa bed mattresses or even sofa beds with mattresses? 
It is a common confusion individuals have when it comes to looking for sofa beds, that they come with mattresses. Some sofa beds do, but others do not. 
What are sofa bed mattresses? 
Sofa bed mattresses are designed to fit into the mechanism of your sofa bed and are folded away when not in use. They are quite like an everyday bed frame mattress but are thinner. Sofa beds come in a range of thicknesses and the thickness is mostly based upon budget and how much comfort you require. 
Sizes of the sofa bed mattress is depending on the size of your actual sofa bed, typically sofa beds come in a two or three-seater design but there are many more options available too. 
Types of sofa bed mattresses 
Open Coil  
Pocket Spring 
Memory Foam 
Reflex Foam 
Check out our range of mattresses for your sofa bed at Our Mattress Range - FURNITUREFUL 
To read more about the different types of sofa bed mattresses visit: A Guide to Replacement Sofa Bed Mattresses | MyBedFrames 

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