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    Do They Still Make Innerspring Mattresses?

    July 29, 2022 1 min read

    Do they still make innerspring mattresses?

    Yes, manufacturers still make innerspring mattresses, and you can easily purchase an innerspring mattress online or in a normal mattress store. Innerspring mattresses can be very soft and have a lot of movement.

    Over time you will have some sagging in the middle of the mattress because the springs supporting the mattresses have weakened and cannot go back to the same position, they were able to go in before due to normal wear and tear.

    If you cannot find an innerspring mattress of the right size that you need for your bed or the space that you need, you can always get the innerspring mattress custom-made if you really wanted to.

    Innerspring mattresses can be a cheaper alternative than most mattresses out on the market. This is due to the cost to make them since they are cheap to make when compared to other mattresses such as memory foam or hybrid mattresses.

    Innerspring mattresses can be good, but bad for support in the long run. There is also the issue of the springs potentially piercing through the mattress and harming the person who is on the mattress at the same time.

    Moreover, if the innerspring mattress is of a lower quality then you will probably have that issue since the quality of the mattress would not be there in the build quality of the mattress.

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