Does Double Bed Mean Queen?

Does double bed mean queen?

No, a double bed does not mean queen. This is because a double bed is slightly smaller than a queen bed frame. A queen bed frame is 6 inches longer and 5 more inches in width. So if you want a larger bed, but not want a bed that does not take up all of the space in the room like a king bed frame a queen bed frame is the bed frame you should buy if you need the extra space on the bed to fit more than one person that moves around on the bed a lot then a queen bed frame is the one you would want to buy.

On the other hand, if you want to purchase a double bed then you would save a couple of inches of space that would harm the quality of sleep on the bed if you were perfectly fine with the space given by a double bed frame. If you have more than one person on the bed then you might want to look into a queen bed frame or larger, but if you are just buying the double bed frame to fit two people on the bed then a double bed frame would be enough.

On the chance that you are confused by another term, double can also mean full bed frame as well if you are struggling to find a bed frame that is the same size as a double bed frame. So, if you were wondering if there were any differences between a double or a full bed frame there is not. They both mean the same thing when it is about mattresses and beds.

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