Donate Mattress to Charity

Donate Mattress to Charity

Did you know that 7.5 million mattresses go in the landfill in just the UK alone? Mattresses, and waste in general, that end up in landfills are very environmentally-damaging. You may think that taking mattresses to recycling centres and to council tips are beneficial, and to an extent they are, as they can take apart mattress for recyclable parts. However, mattresses have the potential to be up to 95% recyclable, but unfortunately only around 15% does get used for recycling.

So, we come to the question: how about charity? Charity is a great answer help mattresses get the most use out of them, reducing the time it would have spent in a landfill decomposing. This not only has environmental benefits, but social benefits as people in need can use items you don’t want or need. There are many charities that accept mattresses. Some charities offer free collection, such as British Heart Foundation, Red cross, and Salvation Army.  It may be a good idea to call the charity or organization to see if they can accept this donation before giving it to them. For example. You mattress must be in good condition, clean, hygienic and fire label attached.

British Heart Foundation

You can donate your mattress to British Heart Foundation, where they offer free collection. You can give your mattress away for free, and this organization will sell it at a store and use the funds to combat life-threatening conditions, such as coronary heart disease – the U’'s number 1 killer- and fund ground-breaking scientific research to help people’s lives. 

Red Cross

Red cross is another great organization that can collect your mattress for free and donate it from one of their charity shops. Like most charities, they will donate any items, if they are legal, safe, hygienic, healthy, and sellable. 

Salvation Army

This charity church organization accepts donations, such as mattresses too. They also can collect mattresses for free, and use funds to help homelessness, world crisis and more. They have many churches too which may be local, so you can go on their website and ‘find your local church’.

Stella’s Voice UK

This charity organisation also offers free collection of mattresses, in Hampshire and Aberdeen. this charity primarily helps vulnerable individuals, sex trafficking and sex slavery as well as currently supporting refugees in crisis. If you go on their website, you can fill in their form to arrange a fee collection if you live in Hampshire or Aberdeen. Mattress must also be in spotless condition with a fire label still attached.


There are many Emmaus charity shops and social enterprises in the UK, and you can ‘find my local Emmaus’ on their website to. This charity helps to end homelessness, provide work, training, and support to help people out of homelessness to build a better life. They usually offer free collection, but make sure you phone them first. Mattress must also be in good condition, sellable, clean and fire label attached.

Furniture Reuse Network

Furniture reuse network are great as they help poverty, reduce waste, and help environment. They provide free collection, where your mattress and other furniture can be used to provide people with home-essentials, saving them from sleeping on the floor to sleeping on a bed. Saving people who don’t have a cooker to cook or providing sofas so they can sit.  They want to divert millions of usable household items, saving them from landfill and give them to low-income households, tackling poverty, saving hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO2.

Other ways

Okay, these aren’t technically charity but are additional ways where other people can benefit of a mattress.

Apps such as Gumtree, Facebook, Instagram, Ebay, Shpock and more are great ways to sell for free.

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