Double Bed vs. Twin Beds

Double Bed vs. Twin Beds

It’s that time of year again where you need a new bed, or the kids have outgrown theirs. With so many choices out there, we want to help you narrow down your ideal bed size this year by highlighting the two staple sizes of beds available: the double and the twin.

Through this blog, we’ll show which one best suits you so that you can enjoy many years to come in a quality, affordable bed.

What is a double bed?

A double bed (also known as a full bed) is a bed that is suitable for both single people as well as couples to sleep in, however, it is aimed at couples mostly because it may be too much bed space for a single person whilst also taking up a significant portion of their room space.

It has a length of 190 cm and a width of 135 cm. Although its length is the same as that of a single bed, the bed’s increased width will help make the experience of two people sleeping together much more comfortable. Additionally, its widely available, with Furnitureful offering Ottoman double beds with mattresses at affordable prices.

We wouldn’t recommend a smaller size than this for couples unless you enjoy being squashed during the night!

Check out our range of Ottoman double beds here also to find a brand-new bed made just for you!

What is a twin bed?

A twin bed is also known as a single bed and is the smallest bed size on the market, being pretty narrow. Twin beds have a length of 190 cm (like the double bed) and a width of 99.5 cm and are a really popular choice for children’s bedrooms and guest bedrooms due to their small and rather convenient size. They are way too narrow for two people and are just about the right size for most young children. Fun fact: bunk beds are normally twin-size beds too!

These beds are as equally accessible as the double bed, with furnitureful offering both bed sizes as well as the small double size and king size.

Which bed is…


No doubt, it can be better to invest in the cheaper of the two beds, even if you’re not on a budget, because who doesn’t like to save money? Therefore, we recommend that due to their smaller size and use of fewer materials, twin beds be brought because they end up being the cheaper option of the two.

More accessible?

So, both of these beds will be easy enough for you to get your hands on, so it just comes down to preference. Most companies will offer brilliant delivery options so all you need to do is pick and your bed will arrive in no time. We recommend choosing a Furnitureful bed/mattress before 4 pm for free next day delivery! 


Now, this completely comes down to the materials used for that bed rather than its size. The range of materials that beds can be made from is as follows: white cedarwood, walnut, maple, oak etc. We recommend you buy a low maintenance wood-like white cedarwood or ensure that your bed has an appropriate warranty, like Furnitureful’s 10-year warranty. We believe that customers only deserve the best and here at Furnitureful, we pride ourselves on only selling quality products that are quality assured.

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