Double Bed Vs Queen Bed

Double bed vs queen bed

The distinction between queen size and double size, as the names imply, is in the sizes. Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King and California King are all used to designate different sizes of beds and mattresses.

The bed is one of the most essential pieces of furniture in households, which is linked to relaxation. As such, people often show great apprehension about its design. The size of the bed is the key factor in the design.

The beds are available in diverse sizes in the market, but before choosing one, you must have an understanding of the space available at home. In this article, let us inform you more about the queen and double size and the difference between them.

Double beds, also known as full beds are a common technique when shopping for a bed to adjust for young couples and children. Below, we’ll emphasise their full characteristics which will make understanding them easier.


What makes double beds awesome for everyone is that they can supply space for two, people who want to sleep comfortably and have sufficient space, while not taking up too much space in the room. Now, to get to measurements. Double-size beds are 54 inches wide, and 75 inches long.


Are double beds uncomfortable? It depends on who sleeps on a double bed. A single sleeper in the mix with the right mattress and cushy pillows can appreciate a full night of relaxation. It’s immense and allows you to sleep in various positions. It can hardly adjust couples who want large room for legs and movement. Still, children can easily sleep and play on it and even supply a room for one more adult.


Double beds are supposed cheaper compared to queen beds. After all, that makes sense because they can host more occasional people on it. The queen bed is both broader and longer compared to the double bed. For a single person who wants a lot of space in their bed, the best option to assume is getting a double bed which is more inexpensive.

Room space

Another significant aspect to consider is how much will the double bed take for you. If you live in a flat that is restricted in terms of room size, it’s best to go for the double bed that usually requires anywhere from 10 to 15 feet of space. Additionally, if you need to save room for other furniture at home it’s best to go for a double bed.

Key features of double beds

They boast excellent measurements for one person looking for a lot of space. The sheets, pillows, and covers are all more reasonable compared to larger beds.

In a way, double beds have a purposeful design that allows clients to save a lot of space.

They’re a great value for the money and relatively affordable.

Queen-sized beds

Queen-sized beds are not too significantly longer, but they’re wider and can support more people that sleep on the same surface.


Queen beds appear remarkably more spacious compared to double beds. First and foremost, they boast the standard size of 60 x 80-inches, although a carpenter may craft an adjustable Queen bed which is customized to your requirements.

Them being taller makes them ideal for taller sleepers who don’t want to have their feet hang off the bed.

The reason some people don’t find it too appealing to sleep on is likely because they may take too much space and require more dimensions. Their great dimensions also make them ideal for multiple family members.


Are queen-sized beds comfortable? They are, if you’re sleeping with your significant other and a child, even better if you’re sleeping alone. Everyone has their space distributed evenly and with a high-quality mattress, you can enjoy the best night’s sleep in your life.

As the queen-sized bed was intended for more people to sleep on, it’d be appropriate to get a good-quality mattress, with just the right bounciness, good motion control and infused gel beads to keep you and your family members cool during the night considering you’re sleeping together.

Key features of queen-sized beds

They’re way more spacious and can host a couple and up to two children if you sleep snug. Also, they’re comfortable and an adequate mattress can provide premium support and balance. If you live in a big house and you’re expecting children, it’ll help you accommodate them. It’s ideal for heavier and taller sleepers who want to cover the full surface of the bed.

Double beds and queen-sized beds have only one critical difference which then implies many other opposing features. They’re of different dimensions. Queen-sized beds are larger and offer way more space compared to double beds.

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