Double Bed Vs Single Bed

Double bed vs single bed

If you’re the type of individual who loves to spread out their body at night and take full advantage of all that bed space, then a single bed may be a little small for you as you won’t have enough space to stretch let alone spread your body.

Not only will updating your single bed to a small double give you that extra body space you need to spread out but many other things too.

So here are some explanations why you should get rid of that single bed of yours and make the upgrade to a small double in its place.

The reasons why you should upgrade from a single bed to a small double bed are:

With a small double bed, you have more space to spread your legs and body out as small double beds are quite larger in size than a single bed.

The dimensions for a single bed are 90cm x 190cm and for a small double is 120cm x 190cm.

Another wonderful thing about a small double bed is that it is not too big, taking up too much floor space in your room as they are slightly larger in size in comparison to a standard single bed. Due to this advantage of extra floor space, you have space to add more bedroom furniture like drawers.

Even though you have storage underneath a single bed, with a small double you have twice the space underneath the bed to use.

This is an amazing factor especially when you want to leave your room clutter-free, so we suggest investing in some under-bed storage boxes for clothes, shoes etc.

Having a bigger bed to sleep in allows you to sleep better and be more comfortable throughout the night.

Not only by investing in a larger bed will you have more space to spread your legs out, but also, without worrying about falling off your bed, you can sleep more comfortably.

Even though the idea of having a bigger bed all for yourself sounds like an amazing idea.

The price point of a bigger bed can become a bit expensive as they have higher price points. Although a bigger bed can be expensive, it depends on how big you want your bed, whether you want a full-sized double bed or a small double as a small double is a bit less expensive compared to a full-sized double bed.

Overall, in terms of comfort, a small double is much better or even a double depending on your preferences and budget.

However, a single bed is also comfortable but it depends on what your sleeping position is, whether you’re a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper. We suggest that a single bed is great for individuals who have children who would prefer to sleep separately in comparison to a bunk bed or the same bed.

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