Electrical appliances in the bedroom

Did you know that on average we spend about 12,045 days (roughly a massive 33 years) of our lives just in the bedroom? Yep, you might ahe through you spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking or in the living room watching Netflix but the reality of the matter is that the bedroom is a central point of wellbeing and restoration for most people and therefor, it’s important to keep it as safe a place as any other room in your home. People can often underestimate the dangers of technology in the bedroom as opposed to other rooms. That is why, here at Furnitureful, we've decided to create this blog all about electrical appliance safety in the bedroom because it is an issue that is criminally overlooked and needs more exposure so that people know what to do and where they might be going wrong. It’s important to keep the bedroom as a safe place because without it where else would we find peace of mind? So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Below we have gone into detail about potential hazards in your bedrooms that can be linked to electrical appliance concerts as well as what you can do to overcome these issues:

Top tip number 1: Make sure that your clothes are not a fire hazard

Many of us are in the habit of just chucking our clothes into a pile at the end of our bed and leaving them there. Although this in itself is not the end of the world, those clothes can unfortunately end up becoming a major fire hazard if set alight and even potentially block exit routes when you try to leave (scary). 

Top tip number 2: Never ever charge your phone under your pillow or whilst sleeping

Many of us are addicted to our smartphones and various other devices. And when they run out of battery (even in the middle of the night) our first thought is to charge them up. However, this can be very dangerous because the devices could overheat and cause a fire. And if you're asleep it may be too late to even do anything about it. So, kids, never charge your phones just before you’re going to go to bed.

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