Everything You Need To Know About An Upholstered Bed

Everything you need to know about an upholstered bed

What is an upholstered bed?

An upholstered bed is any bed that has a headboard and a footboard that incorporates materials such as velvet, faux leather, suede, or any other materials apart from wood. Upholstery materials are generally laid over the top of the padding.

Benefits of an upholstered bed:

  • Many options and designs - when purchasing an upholstered bed the possibilities are endless. You can choose the colour, design and material of the bed to make it exactly the way you want it.
  • Very comfortable- as upholstered beds are made out of materials and have padding they are very comfortable. Upholstered beds are perfect for reading a book in bed, watching tv or just having a chat with your partner as the headboard is very comfortable to lean against.
  • Long-lasting and low maintenance - Upholstered beds are very low maintenance and long-lasting as the frame is made from hardwood making the bed very strong and durable. And all you need to do is dust or vacuum the bed to keep it looking its best.
  • Can be made using eco-friendly materials - if you are a person who is very eco-conscious then the upholstered bed is perfect for you as it can be made using eco-friendly materials.

Negatives of an upholstered bed:

  • Additional cleaning - though upholstered beds are generally low maintenance they do require a lot more cleaning compared to wooden and metal beds. This is because upholstered beds collect a lot more dust.
  • Pet problems - some pets can cause problems with upholstered beds. Though this isn’t for sure, cats can claw at the beds if they are allowed in the bedroom.
  • Contribute to allergies- upholstered beds may contribute to allergies as they do collect a lot of dust.

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