Everything You Need To Know About A Four-Poster Bed With A Canopy

Everything you need to know about a four-poster bed with a canopy

What is a canopy?

A canopy is a piece of cloth that is hung or suspended over a bed. To hang a canopy over a four poster bed you will need to attach an a digit ion frame for the canopy to be hung on.

What are the advantages of having a canopy on your four-poster bed?

These are some of the advantages of adding a canopy to your four-poster bed:

Aesthetics - Canopies look great and add something phenomenal to four-poster beds. You can find canopy’s in a range of different styles and materials so it’s easy to find a canopy that will fit the aesthetic and décor of your bedroom.

Balancing temperature - Canopy beds don’t only look great but also have utilitarian advantages too. Canopy’s can keep you warm during the colder months because of the additional material that is being added to your four poster bed. As well as keeping you warm in the winder a canopy can also keep you cool in the summer too if you position it correctly.

Loads of different styles - With a canopy you are not limited to one style or fabric there are ample styles and materials to choose from. This makes it great for everyone as you will be able to find a canopy that suits your home and individual style.

What are the disadvantages of having a canopy on your four poster bed?

Though canopies are great to look at and have their advantages they do also come with disadvantages and these disadvantages include:

More to clean - As well as washing and cleaning your bed sheets you will now have additional linens to clean to as the canopy will need to also be cleaned. As well as the additional linens needing to be washed the top cover of the canopy will also get dusty and will need to be cleaned regularly to prevent any allergies.

Can be dangerous for children and pets - Canopies and four-poster beds, in general, can be enticing to children and pets. Children may grab and tug on the linens which will damage the material and the bed frame but will also be dangerous for themselves too as something may fall and hurt them. Cats and even dogs on occasion may jump on top of the canopy and then find it difficult to jump back off and this can be distressing for the animal as well as the owner.

If you feel the disadvantages of the canopy outweigh advantages then the canopy is not for you. However, there is no need to worry as there are many other ways you can dress and decorate your four-poster bed.

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