Fabric For Bed Frames

Fabric for bed frames

What is the best fabric for a headboard?

Cotton and linen are one of the common materials used for upholstering headboards. Both materials have a lightweight feel and are tightly woven which means the fabric will last years. These fabrics come in all sorts of designs and colours.

It is also common to have velvet as an upholster fabric for your headboards but that is usually for aesthetics. There are other benefits for velvet as it keeps you warm and it has a nice feel to it.

Types of fabric for bed frames

Faux leather has excellent benefits to a bed frame, it is easy to clean and maintain and this will help it last longer. Faux leather is more affordable than real leather. It has a wonderful appearance and adds character to a room.

Cotton can be a great fabric to use on your bedframe, it is affordable and yet still stylish, it gives off a homey feel. Although it may not be your first choice there are many benefits to cotton, it is comfortable, soft and durable, so it will last a long time.

Velvet is a great type of fabric to use as a bed frame, they are stylish and they look luxurious. They add character to your bedroom, they come in a variety of colours and is very soft and comfortable, velvet will last quite some time.

How to change the fabric that covers your bed frame?

Changing or upholstering the fabric that covers your bed can be difficult, it is best to leave that to the professionals as it can be time consuming and it can get frustrating at times.

Although there are some simple ways of making the fabric on your bed frame to look different for example if you have a faux leather bed frame and you want velvet, you can buy velvet material and staple it around the outside of your bedframe to give it a luxurious loo, although the staples may damage the original faux leather underneath, also this is a temporary way so don’t expect it to last very long.

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