Firm Mattresses

Firm mattresses

The advantages of a firm mattress:

  • A firm mattress is good for back pains. It supports your body through the night relieving any pressure or pain you might have 
  • A firm mattress is more secure it provides you with more support and is less likely to sink your body into the mattress 
  • A firm mattress is less likely to sag, it can hold more weight than a firm mattress
  • A firm mattress is versatile, if you are transitioning from a sofa mattress to a firm one and you find that your mattress is too firm for your body. You can always add a mattress topper to help you get comfortable. 

The disadvantages of a firm mattress: 

  • Can be uncomfortable 
  • Can affect your posture 
  • They can be uncomfortable 
  • Not suitable for people who suffer from extreme back and body pains. 

What to do if my mattress is too firm:

There are a few things you can do to make your firm mattress softer:

  • you can add mattress toppers and mattress covers, by doing this you are adding softer layers to help make the mattress more comfortable to sleep on. 
  • You can break it in by doing so, you’re making the mattress softer and suited to your desired feel. 
  • Warm your mattress, by doing so you are softening the layers in the mattress and making it less firm. 

Who are firm mattresses made for:

Firm mattress are more beneficial to stomach sleepers, those who get too hot easily while they are sleeping and people who like to sleep on top of their mattress rather than sink into them. A firm mattress is best for those with lower back problems, as a firm mattress helps straighten your spine and applies pressure against your body giving you support.

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